Book The non competitiveness of the European Union

In October 2017, a new book of Professor Jorge Sá was launched:

“The (Non) Competitiveness of the European Union: Facts, Causes and Solutions”

The book focuses on the competitiveness of the European Union and its economy, namely:

  1. Why is the European GDP per capita only ¾ of the USA’s?
  2. And the productivity per hour 13% below?
  3. And the productivity per person 22% below?
  4. And the rate of unemployment almost the double of  USA’s?

Sample of endorsements received:

  • Engaging, erudite, witty and to the point. It brings abstract concepts of business and the economy to life”. (Fredrik Erixon – President of the European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels)
  • “Professor Sá gave an inspiring and eye-opening presentation at the Chamber of Commerce / Idea Foundation Luxembourg and the participants’ feedback was outstanding. Participants took along all the books and material that Professor Sá brought, underlining their interest. Please accept once again our deep gratitude.” (Marc Wagener – Director, Idea Foundation/Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg)

Professor Sá, a former Drucker student and a Drucker expert, published 24 books in twelve languages (English, Chinese/Mandarin, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Thai, Korean, Norwegian and Iranian) by various international publishers, e.g. Financial Times/Prentice-Hall, Kogan Page, Palgrave/MacMillan, Larcier, Laberinto, etc.

His books have received endorsements, among others, from Peter F. Drucker, Cecily Drucker, Philip Kotler, Al Ries, Don Hambrick, Karl Moore, Peter Starbuck (president of the London Drucker Society), etc.

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