Pro bono activities

Our office promotes pro bono activities which are related with our values:

  • European competitiveness
  • Economic freedom (with the Institute for Economic Freedom and Professor Sá as an economic freedom speaker)

European competitiveness

Professor Sá has written several books and articles and also gives conferences on the topic of European competitiveness.

"A society based upon the opinion of civilians, where violence, the rule of warriors and despotic chiefs, the conditions of camps and warfare, of riot and tyranny, give place to parliaments where laws are made, and independent courts of justice in which over long periods those laws are maintained."
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill
Publication - The (non) competitiveness of the EU
"Professor Sá presentation was much appreciated by the audience and I have received many positive comments. Indeed, he offers both a vivid and in-depth description of Europe’s poor growth and new insights for both experts and the general public. As a result the lecture provides both a sense of urgency and ideas about how to improve Europe’s performance."
Jesper Ahlgren
Chief Economist at Timbro, Stockholm
“Professor Sá, gave a powerful lecture in Tallinn, which compared economic challenges in Europe and the United States. It awakened the audience about the loss of competitiveness in the European Union. At the same time, Professor Sa’s presentation was a source of great inspiration and hope.”
Meelis Kitsing
Adviser at the Strategy Unit of the Estonian Government Office, President of the Estonian Economic Association and Associate Professor at Estonian Business School

Economic Freedom

We created the Institute for Economic Freedom, since the single major explanation for GDP growth is economic freedom.

The objective of the Institute is to promote economic freedom, economic democracy.

2019 Curve of economic freedom

About the Institute for Economic Freedom

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"We were honored that you have accepted our invitation, and your lecture contributed to the success of the event. The materials that you gave us are of great value to the constant training improvement of our associates."
Frederico Hilzendeger
President of IEE - Liberty Forum organization
"Thank you for your presence, the remarkable lecture and the valuable material that you gave us, which was essential to the success of the event."
Ricardo Heller
Stifelman Lawyers
"I was very happy with your vision of economic freedom and the way that you taught us to defend our position, that is, before sharing the wealth, we need to create it."
Lucas Cassiano
Cassiano Lawyers