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The Institute for Economic Freedom

We created the Institute for Economic Freedom, since a major explanation for GDP growth is economic freedom.

Thus the objective of the Institute is: to promote economic freedom, economic democracy (Professor Sá is an economic freedom speaker).

2019 Curve of economic freedom - Economic freedom speaker

The four activities:

  • Periodical articles in major newspapers
  • Conferences (Professor Sá is an economic freedom speaker)

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"Remarkable lecture. Thank you for your presence and the valuable material that you gave us. All were essential to the success of the event."
Ricardo Heller
Stifelman Lawyers
"Very happy with your vision of economic freedom and the way that you taught us to defend our position, that is, before sharing the wealth, we need to create it."
Lucas Cassiano
Cassiano Lawyers
"We were honored that you have accepted our invitation, and your lecture contributed to the success of the event. The materials were of great value to the constant training improvement of our associates."
Frederico Hilzendeger
President of IEE - Liberty Forum organization

Amat Victoria Curam (Victory loves preparation)