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Jorge Sá (born 1953) is an expert on Peter Drucker and Philip Kotler, founders of modern management and modern marketing, respectively (with who he studied and who offered letters of recommendation and endorsements for his books) and just retired as a Professor from Swiss Business School (Zurich) and IESE associated IESE (Barcelona).

 Jorge Sá has a master’s degree from the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management in California and a doctorate (PhD) in Business Administration, from Columbia University, in New York, where he was a student, research and teaching assistant. Also holds two undergraduate degrees (in business administration and economics) and a graduate degree in Macroeconomics.

Was awarded the Jean Monnet Chair by the Jean Monnet Foundation in Brussels, received several distinctions including a Fulbright fellowship and published twenty four books in twelve languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Thai, Korean, Norwegian and Iranian which received endorsements, among others, from Peter F. Drucker, Cecily Drucker, Al Ries (author of the bestsellers Marketing Warfare and Positioning), Don Hambrick (Professor at Columbia University and at The Pennsylvania State University), Karl Moore (Professor at Oxford and McGill University), Peter Starbuck (President of the London Drucker Society) and Philip Kotler.

Has addressed conferences and given seminars at several institutions including TED USA ( , Drucker University, London Business School, IESE, Glasgow Business School, ESSEC (France), ESSAM (European Consortium of Business Schools), Oxford, Manchester Business School, George Washington University, University of São Paulo School of Economics, Institute of Experimental and Technological Biology, Liberty Forum (Brazil), University Jorge Amado (Drucker brazilian speaker), American Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg, Foundation Idea/Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg, European Centre For International Political Economy, Timbro, European Commission, Marketing Institute Estonia, Enterprise Ireland, etc. Has also addressed conferences and presented articles in several academic meetings, such as Academy of Management, Western Economic Association, Peter Drucker Society of Europe, etc. and published over thirty academic papers.

Worked as private consultant, non-executive director or taught in the executive programs of multinational companies such as: Coca-Cola, SHELL, Unisys, IBM, Price Waterhouse, KPMG, Glaxo, British Petroleum – BP, Dun & Bradstreet, Deloitte & Touche, Makro (Metro group), Systéme U, I.F.A, Intermarché, Mini Prix Bonjours, Accenture, Watson Wyatt, Cap Gemini, Cesce, Scottish & Newcastle, Sara Lee, Total, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Logica, Indra, Grandvision, Jafep, Euler Hermes, Cosec, Pestana Group Hotels, Tivoli Hotels & Resorts, Millennium Bank, Julius Baer, SGG, Henkel, Abencys, Broadbill, Volkswagen Group, McDonald’s, MiTek, United Steel Products, Base Group, UnitedHealthcare, Inapa, Vodafone, IDC, Merck, BPI Bank, Milestone, Fijowave, Foxpak, ND Sports, LLR-G5, Horan, Prodieco, Dennison, Grid Finance, Bluemetrix, Microsoft, etc.

Professor Sá founded the Institute for Economic Freedom and his hobbies are History (wrote several books on the lessons of military campaigns for management) and football (degree as a professional coach). He speaks and writes (by alphabetical order) English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

"Congratulations, Professor Sá, on your wonderful career."
Peter Drucker
Peter Drucker
(founder of modern management)

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