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Vasconcellos e Sá Associates, S.A. is the office which supports Professor Sá in his activities of:

  • Research and Public speaking
  • Consultancy
  • Topics: Drucker; European competitiveness


Professor Sá published 24 books in twelve languages and our office also produces small booklets on several topics of management and economics for clients to celebrate a special date (company anniversary or event, etc.).


“Congratulations Professor Sá on your wonderful career.”
Peter Drucker
Founder of modern management

Public speaking

Professor Sá worldwide conferences and workshops cover a wide range of business and economics topics. Some are based on Peter Drucker with whom Professor Sá studied.
Besides, our office offers an internal Mini-MBA (for top or middle managers).

“I am impressed with Sá's offer of these rich lessons for management leadership and competitive business manoeuvring. I only wish that he continues to write more.”
philip kotler
Philip Kotler
Professor at Northwestern University


(based on Peter Drucker, Philip Kotler and the best managers in the world: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Alfred Sloan, Andy Grove, Helmut Maucher, A.G. Lafley)

Our office specializes on Drucker consultancy, Kotler consultancy and others in twenty two countries. We focus on helping top management to create their future company by implementing every single day the non-routine tasks.

“Professor Sá captures the key points of the Drucker Forum in an incredibly rich and rewarding experience.”
Cecily Drucker
Cecily Drucker
Daughter of Peter Drucker and CEO of start-up Strategies
“Every business leader can learn a lot from Professor Sá's brilliant analysis and exceptionally well written lessons for business”.
Al Ries
Al Ries
Author of the bestsellers Marketing Warfare, Positioning, etc.
“Professor Sá is a great public speaker. Engaging, erudite, witty and to the point. He brings abstract concepts of business and the economy to life”.
Fredrik Erixon
Fredrik Erixon
President of the European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels

Where we have worked

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