Our clients

We have as clients multinational companies such as Coca-Cola and IBM, various trade associations, chambers of commerce, not for profit institutes, and also the permanent commission of the EU in Brussels (Professor Sá is an european competitiveness speaker)

Multinational companies

Coca-Cola, SHELL, Unisys, IBM, Price Waterhouse, Klynveld Peat Main Goerdeler, Glaxo, British Petroleum – BP, Dun & Bradstreet, Deloitte & Touche, Makro (Metro group), Systéme U, I.F.A, Intermarché, Mini Prix Bonjours, Accenture, Watson Wyatt, Cap Gemini, Cesce, Scottish & Newcastle, Sara Lee, Total, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Logica, Indra, Grandvision, Jafep, Euler Hermes, Cosec, Pestana Group Hotels, Tivoli Hotels & Resorts, Millennium Bank, Julius Baer, SGG, Henkel, Abencys, Broadbill, Volkswagen Group, McDonald’s, MiTek, United Steel Products, Base Group, UnitedHealthcare, Inapa, Vodafone, IDC, Merck, BPI Bank, Milestone, Fijowave, Foxpak, ND Sports, LLR-G5, Horan, Prodieco, Dennison, Grid Finance, Bluemetrix, Microsoft, etc.

Trade associations, chambers of commerce and not for profit institutes

IFPMA (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations), ASPI (American Association of Suppliers to the Paper Industry), EPTDA (European Power Transmission Distributors Association), Peter Drucker Society of Europe, Pharmaceutical Industry Associations, American Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg, Foundation Idea/Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg, European Centre For International Political Economy, Timbro, Marketing Institute Estonia, American Club, American, Dutch, Spanish and English Chambers of Commerce, CECAM (Spanish Confederation of Entrepreneurs), APAVT (travel agencies association), the Order of the Economists, NOPA, AEP (business association), ATP (garments and textiles business association), APCC (contact centers association), ANJE (young entrepreneurs association), AIMMAP (steel industry association), Enterprise Ireland, etc.

The permanent commission of the EU in Brussels

The European Commission and also the Phare and Tacis programs for the former Soviet Union countries and Eastern Europe and International Labour Organization (I.L.O.) – Professor Sá is an european competitiveness speaker.

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Sample of endorsements received:

"The presentation has been simply spectacular. Thank you very much for your participation in our event in Dublin."
A. C.
Enterprise Ireland
"Congratulations. A very engaging presentation in Dublin last Friday."
S. D.
“This is the best book on leadership since Drucker’s recommended Xenophon, even in the company of John Adair and Warren Bennis.”
Peter Starbuck
Chairman of the Peter Drucker London Society
“Strategic mind-stretching at its best! Excellent tome, full of challenging strategic insights and thought-provoking!”
Professor Luiz Moutinho
Foundation Chair of Marketing, University of Glasgow
"I very much enjoyed your presentation at the Global Drucker Forum in Vienna. I found it very wonderfully comprehensive and very, very informative."
Dr. Arthur Rubens
Professor at Lutgert College of Business, Florida Gulf Coast University

Amat Victoria Curam (Victory loves preparation)