Internal Mini-MBA

We provide companies top and middle management with an internal Mini-MBA based on books endorsed by Peter Drucker and Philip Kotler with whom Professor Sá studied and who offered endorsements for his books and work.

1. European competitiveness: comparing the competitiveness of the European Union, the USA, Japan and other economic blocks – causes and forecasts
2. The non competitiveness of southern Europe: a numerical analysis of Greece, Portugal and Spain – statistics, causes and consequences
3. Economic Myths: five mistakes we are told every single day (e.g. the importance of industrialization, economic blocks convergence, etc.)
4. Economic Realities: the causes of economic growth – what if countries were companies?
5. The eleven trends in the global economic environment and how battle-ready organizations adapt to these trends
6. Corporate strategy: How best multibusiness organizations go about defining their strategy
7. Business strategy: The 14 strategic moves (6 of attack and 8 of defense), the rules to follow in implementing and the 13 types of alliances
8. Internationalization: key sucess factors; lessons from the best japanese, european and american companies
9. Leadership: There is no leadership; only effective management – the 10 steps in the decision making; how to manage the inverted pyramid; and the two personal characteristics to develop
10. Staffing based on Shakespeare (Henry V): Forget weaknesses, focus on strengths: why skills and the (right) temperament are more important than intellect and knowledge; focus on task performance, not team building
11. Churchill and how to create a strong organizational culture (attitude is a small thing which makes a great difference: how to create an organizational culture based on work ethics)
12. Focus and time management: the methods of Eisenhower and Drucker (if you can’t manage time, you can’t manage anything)
13. Client management: how to manage clients (the five fundamental questions of Peter Drucker and how to collect non expensive data)
14. Philip Kotler and Maucher (President of Nestlé for 20 years) on promotion: the rules of both content and media plans
15. Pricing (the impact of the two Nobel prizes on behavioral economics/prospect theory)
16. Sales/negotiation (the impact of the two Nobel prizes on behavioral economics/prospect theory)
17. Brexit as an opportunity for business: finding the best niches among 140.400 alternatives (5400 niches x 26 european countries) for deals and list of importers
18. Success in the middle of the crisis: which among the 615 segments in the economy accelerate their growth during any type of crisis? (subprime, Covid and now Ukraine war)
19. Entrepreneurship and innovation (Peter Drucker and prospect theory)
20. Our world, our ignorance: why we don’t know the world we live in (based on the bestseller Factfulness)

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What’s unique about the Mini-MBA


“I do not care how much you know, until I know how much you care”.    (-)

(Learning how to) Think

“In knowledge organizations to teach people to think must move further and further down the line.” – Peter Drucker


“The main problem is what we think that we know and it isn’t so .” – Al Gore


Centered on books endorsed by Peter Drucker and Philip Kotler with whom Professor Sá studied and who offered endorsements for his books and work

Diversity of topics

Competitiveness, globalization (eleven trends), strategy (at corporate and business level), leadership, staffing, battle ready culture/work ethics, time management, client analysis, promotion, pricing, negotiation and other areas of marketing and management.


Mornings: Presentation (by Professor Sá and the participants) of the concepts and techniques (brainstorming through slides);

Afternoons: Coaching (individual, one-on-one) + groups preparation of their presentations for the next morning.


8 days (micro), 12 days (mini) or 20 days (standard).

Generally two consecutive days of the week/month during a certain period (in the other days participants perform their normal jobs).

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Sample of endorsements received:

"Excellent feedback received from all participants in the Mini-MBA. We agreed to expand the Mini-MBA to other participants right away."
J. Magalhães
CEO at UnitedHealth Group
"Very positive feedback from all the participants in the Mini-MBA."
A. Moreira
CEO at Base Diagnostic Group

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