TED CONFERENCE: Nothing changes: Peter Drucker’s questions to create competitive organizations are eternal


Heraclitus (the ancient scientist), Buddha, Marcus Aurelius (the roman emperor and philosopher), they all agreed that the only thing constant in this world is change.

So, if we keep on doing what succeeded in the past we will fail in the future (Peter Drucker). And to change is to improve, to change continuously is perfection (Churchill).

But could it be that, in a world of continuous change, there are some things eternal, which keep on being always the same?

The answer is yes: great questions.

In business: who is the client? And who is the non-client? And Mr. non-client why aren’t you buying from us?

What is value for the client (the 1/2 product characteristics she really cares about)? And what is non value to the client and therefore we can save on that?

Where is the client (in terms of distribution channels)? And where is not the client (and we are wasting money in being in these distribution channels)?

These and other Peter Drucker’s questions are today as actual as they were 10 or 20 years ago. And that is why we should read Drucker since as Voltaire said: judge a man by his questions, not by his answers.

What do you read in management Mr. Bill Gates? (he was asked in an interview to the Economist). Only for him to answer: Drucker of course; and then sometimes others.

If you are interested in what is eternal in a world of change and why Peter Drucker’s teachings are today as relevant as ever, you can check this TED talk at https://youtu.be/SOkjPVi1Fts by Professor Jorge Sá.

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