New book on corporate strategy - Anergy

In July 2015, a new book of Professor Jorge Sá on corporate strategy was launched by the international publisher Promoculture-Larcier.

The book “Anergy – A step by step approach to avoid 2+2=3 ” applies the concepts and techniques of Peter Drucker to the strategy of multibusiness corporations.

Sample of endorsements received:

  • “Professor Jorge Sá’s book Anergy is one of those occasional milestones in management history that we’ve all been waiting Much has been written on strategy but no one has produced it in the same disciplined scheduled form that can be applied in practice. The prime importance of strategy was identified by Peter Drucker as early as 1954 in his The Practice of Management where he stressed the essentials, but as Jorge correctly records, he never scheduled the steps. No doubt Drucker would have commended Jorge’s extension of his life’s work.” (Peter Starbuck – President of Drucker London Society)
  • “A great joy. Loaded with clear examples, and backed up by rigorous theory, a fundamental book for the multibusiness firm strategist” (Professor Donald Hambrick – Evan Pugh Professor and Smeal Chaired Professor of Management, The Pennsylvania State University)
  • “Peter Drucker created the theoretic framework that continues to be used in all world class modern corporate management. And will prevail as long as corporations, managed by humans, exist. Professor Sá is Drucker’s disciple that more accurately understands, teaches and applies the teachings of the master, and adds critical value by deepening and amplifying the concepts with his own characteristic mark, always remaining faithful to the foundational concepts. This book is a masterpiece badly needed in the top floor of all multinational corporations. Never as today get tactics and strategy conceptually so mixed up, even by very bright top managers. I strongly endorse the reading of this book to set the record straight! It is, by the way, as all books by Professor Sá, a fascinating reading, because it is well documented with a number of interesting practical examples. A must read!” (José Sousa – Liberty Insurance)

Professor Sá, a former Drucker student and a Drucker expert, published 24 books in twelve languages (English, Chinese/Mandarin, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Thai, Korean, Norwegian and Iranian) by various international publishers, e.g. Financial Times/Prentice-Hall, Kogan Page, Palgrave/MacMillan, Larcier, Laberinto, etc.

His books have received endorsements, among others, from Peter F. Drucker, Cecily Drucker, Philip Kotler, Al Ries, Don Hambrick, Karl Moore, Peter Starbuck (president of the London Drucker Society), etc.

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