Conference at Idea Foundation - Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg

On January 16th, 2016, Professor Jorge Sá gave a talk at the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg/Idea Fondation on the theme:

The non competitiveness of the European Union

To an audience of top managers, CEOs, members of think tanks, etc.,Professor Jorge Sá presented the facts, causes and solutions, for the gap between Europe and the USA in GDP per capita (33%), productivity per employee (22%) and per hour (13%).

Sample of endorsements received on this conference:

Professor Sá gave an inspiring and eye-opening presentation at the Chamber of Commerce / Idea Foundation Luxembourg and the participants’ feedback was outstanding. Participants took along all the books and material that Professor Sá brought, underlining their interest. Please accept once again our deep gratitude.

Marc Wagener (Director, Idea Foundation/Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg)

Professor Sá’s conference was based on his book “The (non) competitiveness of the European Union – Facts, causes and solutions”

Sample of endorsements received for the book:

  • Engaging, erudite, wittyand to the point. It brings abstract concepts of business and the economy to life”. (Fredrik Erixon – President of the European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels)

Professor Sá is the President of Vasconcellos e Sá Associates, a Drucker expert, an European competitiveness speaker and expert and a world-renowned speaker on management, global economic environment and economics topics. (Economic freedom expert Brazil)

His conferences are based on books endorsed by Peter Drucker (founder of modern management) and Philip Kotler (founder of modern marketing), the two Nobel prizes on behavioral economics (D. Kahneman and R. Thaler), and the practices of the best managers in the world (Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Alfred Sloan, Andy Grove, Helmut Maucher, A.G. Lafley, among others).

Major topics of Professor Sá’s conferences:

  • Practical Drucker: how to create battle-ready organizations
  • Corporate strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Leadership
  • Staffing based on Shakespeare (Henry V)
  • Focus and time management​
  • Client management
  • The two Nobel prizes on behavioral economics
  • Churchill and how to create a strong organizational culture
  • Promotion
  • The eleven trends in the global economic environment
  • The power of economic freedom: how to increase a country’s productivity
  • The competitiveness of the major world economic blocks
  • Our world, our ignorance

For more information on Professor Sá’s conferences check our page: