Run at the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi-Ito Graduate School of Management in Los Angeles this fall, the lecturer was Professor Jorge Sá who studied and received endorsements for his books and work from Peter Drucker and Philip Kotler being the course dedicated to whom wanted:

  • 1. To start a business; or
  • 2. Perform the function of product/brand manager within the marketing department of a large company.

The main topics of the course were:

1. The seven delusions to produce unicorns (age, money, large companies, certain countries, certain industries, personality type or technical complexity)

2. The first necessary condition: The PISA method for:

  • 2.1. Recognizing opportunities which come to us (instead of having to create them);
  • 2.2. Using solutions which already exist (again in lieu of creating them); and
  • 2.3. Evaluation of potential clients based on actions and emotions (not what they say or think).

3. The second necessary condition: Implementing through

  • 3.1. Marketing plan: its five sections based on Peter Drucker’s questions on how to manage the client;
  • 3.2. Operations plan: transnational competition and Peter Drucker’s fundamental question on the back office;
  • 3.3. Funding: the eight main sources and the single key factor to focus on;
  • 3.4. Human resources: how to build great teams according to Peter Drucker.

Takeaways of this course:

  • First: a simple method (PISA) to find unicorns;
  • Second: How to organize for effective implementation in terms of marketing, operations, finance and human resources;
  • Third: How to manage the client and develop a marketing plan (for brand/product managers).

This course was based on Professor Sá books bellow:

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